Another 6 Month Smile on its way!

Straight Teeth in 6 Months!

Many people don’t look at braces as a treatment option because of the time involved (often told two YEARS). Seattle 6 Month Smiles dentist Lance Timmerman DMD in Tukwila offers a faster way to a new smile, 6MS.

It’s not FASTER braces, it’s just SHORTER duration

The teeth aren’t moving faster than other methods, this may lead to root resorption and short teeth. The focus is the smile, the teeth in the front that show. Bite changes can occur, but are minimal.  6 Month Smiles is like watching the opening credits of a movie and then leaving.  You didn’t see the whole film, but you didn’t watch it on fast forward either.

Bite not treated

Since the focus is JUST the front, the bite is not addressed. If the goal is to change the bite, 6 month smiles is not the right treatment. Comprehensive orthodontics with an orthodontist is a better choice to address all the issues. “Perfection” is not a goal, but “dramatically better” is certainly achievable.


Joe just started his treatment, so watch this space for further developments!  Joe is a PERFECT example of “age not a factor”.  Even after age 40, it’s OK to invest in yourself!

Lance Timmerman


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