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  • Find Relief from Jaw Pain and Discomfort with Effective TMJ Therapy
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    What Is TMJ Disorder?

    Temporomandibular Joint Disorder (TMJ/TMD) is a condition that can cause severe facial pain and discomfort. Dr. Timmerman has successfully provided TMJ therapy for years to patients in our Seattle dental office. Whether you’re living with TMJ or only suffer from occasional discomforts, we have the right type of non-invasive TMJ therapy for Tukwila, WA patients that can help you live pain-free again.
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    TMJ symptoms occur when there is a strain on the jaw joints, causing a plethora of problems such as locked jaw, pain and discomfort, and reduced movement of your jaw. Since TM joints are connected to the skull, it’s possible to experience pain in different areas of the face including the temples of the skull, ears, upper neck region, and cheek bones. While pain is commonly localized to just one side, it’s possible to affect both sides of the face. Even though TMJ disorder symptoms and causes will vary between patients, those who experience jaw pain tend to have a few things in common – jaw clenching, teeth grinding, or bruxism. These causes can be done while you’re asleep, and if severe enough, may lead to frequent headaches, damaged teeth, and jaw disorders.

    Why Choose South Seattle Smiles for TMJ Therapy?

    Specialized Training in Neuromuscular Treatment
    Customized, Durable Appliances
    Over Two Decades of Dentistry Experience

    Signs and Symptoms of TMJ Disorders

    Although the manifestations of TMJ disorders can vary from person to person, there are several common symptoms that affect the majority of patients with the chronic condition:
    Dr. Lance Timmerman provides comprehensive, non-surgical TMJ therapy in the Seattle area. We provide patients with a neuromuscular care approach that prevents dysfunctional use of the joint, and as a result, symptoms are reduced. These non-invasive treatments help to naturally correct the jaw function and hereby reverse the conditions that cause pain and symptoms of TMJ disorder.
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    Ask About Our TMJ Guards

    Comfortable, removable bite guards can teach your jaw where to move and settle for a proper resting position. This prevents strain on the tissues around the TMJ and thus reduces discomfort. They also reduce the amount of tension on the joint throughout the day so that it has a chance for the muscles around it to relax. Wearing a bite guard when you suffer from chronic clenching or bruxism is an effective way to prevent damage to your teeth or jaw.

    Dr. Timmerman’s 3-Step TMJ Treatment Process

    As a dentist who is trained in the neuromuscular treatment of TMJ disorders, Dr. Timmerman approaches the treatment in a 3-step process.

    Eliminate muscle pain

    Your pain and discomfort are Dr. Timmerman’s top priorities when it comes to treating TMJ disorders. We implement low frequency transcutaneous electrical neural stimulation (something that is sometimes used in chiropractor, physical therapy, or massage locations) to relax the tension away from your jaw muscles. This sensation increases blood flow and helps the muscles to eliminate toxins that create discomfort.

    Stabilizing the biting pattern

    Temporary appliances may be needed to stabilize the way your teeth bite together so that no more damage can be done. This device fits over your natural teeth to help make adjustments in your bite pattern without actually adjusting your natural teeth. It serves as a temporary stabilizer until the bite can be corrected permanently.

    Lifetime management

    Once your TMJ symptoms are corrected and the causes intercepted, Dr. Timmerman will continue to improve factors of your smile that may make you susceptible to relapse. Examples include correcting the alignment of your teeth through orthodontic therapy, restoring the normal function of your smile with full mouth reconstruction, adjusting the biting edges of your teeth, or creating overlays that allow your bite to fit together properly.

    Personal Cases, Customized Solutions

    At Seattle’s Reason To Smile, we offer completely customized treatment plans to treat TMJ disorders to ensure your smile is beautiful and healthy. With advancements in dentistry and the benefits of an experienced dentist, we are proud to offer TMJ treatment options to provide the relief you need.

    Mouthguard/Splint Therapy

    To avoid teeth grinding and clenching we may recommend a custom-made mouthguard or splint. These are often worn at night but can also be made for the daytime to protect your teeth whenever you clench or grind them. Similar to an athletic mouthguard, these oral appliances are made to form a barrier between your top and bottom teeth. Made specifically for you, they will fit snugly over your teeth. Each oral appliance is made to protect your teeth while also helping your jaw move into a more relaxed position.


    If your teeth are misaligned and affecting your bite, you have malocclusion. This can cause stress on your TM joints as your teeth try to find a way to come together properly. Orthodontics can be used to straighten your teeth and as a result your bite! This helps reduce or eliminate bruxism as well as the jaw pain associated with it.

    Occlusal Adjustment

    A misaligned bite is one of the most common causes of TMJ concern and can easily be corrected with an occlusal adjustment. This is a painless and relatively simple procedure that involves reshaping the teeth to improve the bite. This can be done with a number or personalized treatment plans offered right here in our office.

    TMJ Therapy FAQs

    Get answers to commonly asked questions about TMJ therapy. Learn about the benefits, treatment options, scheduling a consultation, and how South Seattle Smiles in Tukwila, WA, can help alleviate TMJ-related symptoms and restore jaw function.
    TMJ therapy, or temporomandibular joint therapy, is a specialized dental treatment aimed at relieving the symptoms of TMJ disorders. Our dental clinic in Tukwila, WA, offers comprehensive TMJ therapy services to diagnose and treat jaw joint pain, headaches, facial discomfort, and other related symptoms.
    If you experience jaw pain, frequent headaches, clicking or popping sounds in the jaw joint, difficulty opening or closing your mouth, or facial muscle soreness, you may benefit from TMJ therapy. Our experienced dentists at South Seattle Smiles will conduct a thorough examination to determine if you have a TMJ disorder and recommend appropriate treatment options.
    TMJ therapy at South Seattle Smiles encompasses a range of treatments tailored to each patient’s specific needs. These may include lifestyle modifications, stress management techniques, oral appliances such as nightguards, physical therapy exercises, and, in severe cases, orthodontic or restorative dental procedures to correct bite alignment issues.
    The duration of TMJ therapy can vary depending on the severity of your TMJ disorder and the specific treatment plan. In some cases, symptoms may improve with conservative measures within a few weeks or months. For more complex cases, the therapy may extend over several months to achieve long-term relief and restore optimal jaw function.
    The goal of TMJ therapy is to alleviate pain, not cause it. During the treatment process, our skilled and gentle dentists at South Seattle Smiles ensure your comfort at all times. They may use techniques such as medication, gentle jaw exercises, and non-invasive therapies to reduce pain and discomfort associated with TMJ disorders.
    Yes, TMJ therapy can effectively address teeth grinding, also known as bruxism. We offer customized oral appliances that are worn during sleep to protect your teeth from grinding or clenching. These appliances help relieve jaw tension and minimize the damage caused by bruxism, promoting better oral health and overall well-being.
    The time required to see results from TMJ therapy depends on the individual case. While some patients experience immediate relief, others may need more time for symptoms to improve. Our dedicated dental team at South Seattle Smiles will closely monitor your progress throughout the therapy and make any necessary adjustments to ensure optimal results.
    Insurance coverage for TMJ therapy can vary depending on your specific insurance plan. Our knowledgeable team will work with you to understand your insurance coverage and provide the necessary documentation for claims. We also offer flexible payment options and financing plans to help make TMJ therapy affordable and accessible for our patients.
    In most cases, you can continue your regular activities during TMJ therapy. However, it is important to follow any instructions provided by our dentists regarding the use of oral appliances, self-care techniques, and modifications to certain behaviors that may aggravate your TMJ symptoms. Our goal is to help you manage your TMJ disorder effectively while maintaining a normal lifestyle.
    Absolutely! At South Seattle Smiles, we understand that dental anxiety is a common concern for many patients. Our compassionate and experienced dental team is trained to provide a calm and supportive environment, ensuring your comfort throughout the TMJ therapy process. We offer various relaxation techniques and can discuss sedation options, if needed, to help alleviate any anxiety or fear you may have. Your well-being is our priority, and we strive to make your TMJ therapy experience as comfortable and stress-free as possible.
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    Tim Ricks
    1 month ago
    Dr Timmerman is a real pro. He is a gifted crafter of smiles . All on 6 in my case. For years i havent publicly smiled at anyone. My natural teeth had reached the end. Enter Seattle Smiles to give me a solution that restored confidence in myself to present my true self to the world again. The consultation was thorough and very educational to me. Its tough to hear you cant keep your natural teeth anymore but Dr Timmerman did great explaining my options and being honest about the consequences for my oral and general health. I trusted the Dr completely and he did a terrific job on my all on 6 (upper and lower) restoration. Prep and Surgery was well prepared and almost completely painless . Its amazing from the quality of the work performed to the underlying advanced tech to the craftsmenship of my new smile and the great support of Holly to help me explore potential coverage under my health insurance. 1st class staff, top notch Dentist and full support of this journey. On to healing and getting final set late this summer. Very pleased with the results. My wife says she doesnt want me to go out in public because “I look too good”. Thanks Dr Timmerman and staff, you changed my life .
    Kalena Mina
    2 months ago
    Dr. Timmerman is exceptionally skilled and friendly. He exhibits a gentle touch when working on your teeth. His staff is also very welcoming. I once witnessed Dr. Timmerman performing an emergency tooth repair for someone I knew, and he did an excellent job. I wouldn’t consider going to anyone else. My trust in Dr. Timmerman is unwavering at 100%. When it comes to cosmetic dental work, Dr. Timmerman is, without a doubt, the best!
    Lorri Kurth
    10 months ago
    I use Dr.Timmerman for Botox and I’m happy with my results. They were able to get me in the same day. Thank you!!
    Mai Trinh
    1 year ago
    Dr. Timmerman took good care of his clients,he’s professional ,friendly,he’s always use the new technology …Thank you very much Dr.Timmerman and all staffs what you have done for me.
    Cherie Lang
    1 year ago
    Lance and staff do great work. Lance is a very talented dentist. Gail cleaned my teeth today and she’s a soothing soul. Nice to have someone like that in a dental office😉
    Andrew Waters
    2 years ago
    I have lived in the south Seattle area for 10 years and this is by far the best Dental office I have found in the area. Fast, efficient, and pleasant service. Exceptionally skilled and experienced staff. The dental work I have had done at this office is, hands down, the best quality I have ever had done (and I have had a lot done) Exceptional. Highly recommended.
    margaret english
    2 years ago
    If you have embarrassment or fears concerning your teeth /mouth condition this is the place to come. Very professional! They put you immediately at ease. My teeth are in horrible condition. It was difficult for me to even make the apt as I’m so embarrassed to even open my mouth. From the receptionist to the doctor I was treated as if I was the only patient they had that day. They even helped me get financing! Make the call today you won’t be sorry.
    Pam Hendrickson
    2 years ago
    Best dentist ever! I’ve been seeing Dr. Timmerman for over 20 years and he has done some really great work keeping my teeth looking and feeling good each and every year! My last visit was for teeth cleaning and the hygienist did a great job. They sparkle now and feel great.

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  • Find Relief from Jaw Pain and Discomfort with Effective TMJ Therapy
  • Experience Enhanced Oral Function and Renewed Comfort
  • Improve Your Quality of Life by Restoring Jaw Function and Range of Motion
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