Appearance Of 6 Month Braces

Appearance of 6 Month Smiles

How obvious do 6 month braces look? Is the appearance of 6 Month Smiles clear or invisible? Some people, when asking Seattle cosmetic dentist Lance Timmerman DMD in Tukwila to straighten their teeth, are afraid of how obvious it will look and feel that Invisalign is the only option for aesthetic orthodontics. By using tooth colored brackets and tooth colored wires, 6 Month Smiles is almost as invisible, but with much more control and usually a shorter treatment time. While every case is unique, the average treatment time with 6 Month Smiles is (wait for it…..) 6 months. It is not just a clever name. Invisalign is usually 12-18 months. This isn’t bad, but 6 month smiles can be put on at a routine cleaning visit and come off when due for the next one. It is THAT fast.

Before 6 Month Smiles

Here is a patient WITHOUT 6 Month Smiles:

With 6 Month Smiles

Here is the same patient WITH 6 Month Smiles:


The only way to tell that braces are being worn would require a close proximity. This is usually referred to as an “intrusion of personal space” and is normally uncomfortable and discouraged. At normal appropriate distances, most people cannot tell that braces are being worn.

Invisible Braces

We all want things to be the way they want them to be. I would love to get skinny by JUST eating chocolate cake. I would love to get muscles as large as Arnold without going to the gym. No matter how much I want that to happen, it just isn’t possible. In many cases, invisible orthodontic treatment just won’t work for them. Too much rotation or extrusion is required to satisfy their goals, or it is possible, but it will take years of frustration to get there.

6 Month Smiles is the best of both worlds.

Lance Timmerman

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