Braces or Porcelain Veneers?

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This is not a quick and easily answered question, but it is very common in Dr Timmerman’s practice.  There are benefits to BOTH!  Braces can be very conservative, porcelain veneers can be much faster and give as white of a color as desired.  Which is BEST?

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“Back in the day”, kids would tease others with names like “brace face” or “tin grins” due to the color of the orthodontic brackets.  That is no longer a requirement, often the brackets can be tooth colored or even “bracketless” (in the case of Invisalign or Inman aligners, orthodontic methods that do not use brackets at all).  So the reason NOT to do braces due to esthetic reasons is no longer a major factor.  So why WOULDN’T one choose braces?


It simply takes time to get teeth to move.

Braces also are limited.  They can only change the position of teeth, but cannot change the color or shape.  This may not be a concern, but it may be.  It is good to know what the end goal is before starting treatment.

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In as few as two visits you can have a brand new “perfect” smile. Sometimes we don’t even need to remove any enamel, but often a little removal is needed, especially if the teeth are crooked or overlap.  This allows Dr Timmerman to deliver an improved color, size, and shape of teeth and appear perfectly straight.  Sometimes this is called “instant orthodontics”, but it isn’t entirely honest.  The teeth have not moved, but appear properly aligned.

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This is called “pre-prosthetic orthodontics”.  Ideally, veneers are very conservative, only removing a very little amount of tooth structure.  If teeth are lined up perfectly, then veneers do not need to be aggressive in enamel removal.  Most of the time, THIS is the best approach.

But it takes time.

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