Can I see a dentist if I don’t have dental insurance?

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A common misunderstanding is that dental insurance is required to seek dental care.  While there ARE some offices that are exclusively designed for a specific plan, the vast majority of dentists will gladly see and treat you whether you have benefits or not.  The simply answer: NO.

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In all honesty, dental insurance does not exist.  Pre-paid dental benefits is a better term, but we will still “speak” your language if you call it insurance.  In the dictionary, the definition does not work with dental like it does with medical or auto or even homeowners.  With THOSE, you pay a premium and hope you NEVER use it.  It is there for a disaster, but not for routine care or services.  We certainly don’t WANT triple bypass surgery.  We don’t WANT to burn our house down so we can build a new one…


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Only you, the patient, can decide what is most important when seeking healthcare.  While assistance with the care and treatment is great, most would agree that the care, skill, and judgement of the doctor is most important.  While nothing is absolute, it is not unusual to have third party payors limit care for no other reason than a contract limitation.  Plan employees often seek the greatest profit for their company instead of the best treatment for patients.  If that is not important to you as a patient, then just about any office will work, with or without dental benefits.

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