Comparing Botox Providers

How To Compare Botox Providers

Many people seek injectable therapeutics for health and beauty, but find themselves in different offices with varied results. There are many things to consider when finding a “best fit” provider.  Comparing Botox providers can be confusing.

Ask about the dilution

When first developed, Botox was diluted at a 4:1 dilution. This allows for a migration of the solution which reduces the number of injection sites. However, this also can be unpredictable and can lead to inhibition of muscles that were not planned. There is less control. Dr Timmerman uses a 1:1 dilution, giving greater control and longevity.

Know your usual dose of units

Some people under treat muscle groups for a variety of reasons. Sometimes it is because they diluted the botox and sold it by area or volume of fluid. Experienced providers can advise on the better ranges of doses for each situation. Once you know YOUR best combination of units and dilution, MEMORIZE it.

Learn your anatomy

Some providers don’t really know how the muscles work or how they are shaped. Some only treat PART of a muscle with results that are ineffective or not flattering. When you find a provider that clearly knows their anatomy it is probably best to stay with them. Dr Timmerman recently corrected a dermatologist teaching a course on the anatomy of the jaw (very gently and professionally, but the jaw IS where Dr Timmerman is a TRUE expert). Not all Doctors are equal.

Ask about educational background

Botox is relatively new (is more than 20 years use still considered new?) and its use continues to change. An injector trained 10 years ago that has not kept up with current methods is behind the times and is potentially dangerous. Feel free to ask WHERE they were trained in botox, how long AGO, how OFTEN they refresh their training and find out if they teach OTHERS to inject. TEACHERS are usually up to date (or else nobody would take their courses).

Lance Timmerman


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