Composite White Dental Fillings

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One thing that Dr. Timmerman does that many people overlook is his general dental services, like composite white dental fillings. Known internationally, with licenses in Dubai and Belgium, for cosmetic dentistry, some people have been surprised to learn that Dr Timmerman is still a general dentist with general and family dental services. He even cleans kid’s teeth!

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Many dentists, even today, place metal fillings. This is basically the same material that was developed around the time of the Civil War, so it isn’t anything new. While some improvements have been done over the years, it is basically the same thing as what was placed years ago. The material is a cheap way to fill a tooth cavity, but we have better options today.

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Composite fillings aren’t simply better looking than amalgam fillings, they are better physically.  The main benefit is they don’t HAVE to be as thick as mercury amalgam fillings (amalgams require a minimum 2 mm thickness so your bite does not break the filling).  Since white fillings are bonded to the tooth, they can be a thinner option.

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In years past, the “knock” on white dental fillings was that they were not as durable as amalgam.  That arguement has been invalid for years, as the technology has improved to the point that the strength of white dental fillings is not in question anymore.  Some DENTISTS, that have not stayed current with technology and dental materials, continue to state that they don’t last as long, but that is merely a reflection of their level of education.  Dentists USED to say, “Do you want it to look pretty or last a long time?” But that question is no longer valid.  They can look pretty AND endure.

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The process to have the fillings stay put also prevents saliva and bacteria to get in underneath the filling.  This “waterproofing” process also disinfects the tooth.  Since it is bacteria that causes decay (specifically Streptococcus Mutans), the tooth benefits from the required steps to bond the material in place.  A chemical solution is placed on the tooth to make a clean surface, and the end result is a tooth that is much healthier than it was before.

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Since the white dental fillings match the surrounding tooth color, the overall appearance is one of HEALTH.  A healthy mouth does not appear dirty, dingy or grey.  Metal fillings, no matter how “hidden” we try to make them, will always cause the teeth to look “dirty, dingy or grey,” which is not a healthy look.  Health conscious people also want to LOOK healthy, and this is a good way to do it.

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