Cost of a Dental Bridge

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As “frugal” is the “new black”, questions of fees are common.  A recent inquiry was about a dental bridge, which often has costs that are not directly monetary.

An economist will talk of “opportunity costs”.  One way to look at this is where a person might enjoy their first pizza, but by the twelfth they don’t really enjoy it.  Another is where a person may have saved money, but had they invested, the money would have grown.  Or instead of investing they could have paid down debt.

In dentistry, there are other things to consider.  For a bridge, there is the cost of treating the adjacent teeth.  The cost will vary with how long the span of the bridge is as well, as in the span is larger if you are missing 3 teeth instead of 1.  There is also the cost of future care.

The initial cost for a 3 unit bridge will vary, but in OUR area it can range from $2700 to $4500.  The price can go up dramatically as teeth are added and there is a limit as to how large the bridge can be.  It is not a good idea to have a 10 tooth bridge to replace 4-5 missing teeth, as the stresses and forces generated will cause the bridge to fail much sooner than smaller bridges would.

Another cost to consider is future cost.  While a bridge may work, if not properly maintained will need replacement.  Longevity ranges from 5 to 20 years (as an average).  An implant or implant supported bridge may last 2-3 times as long.

There is much to consider, so feel free to call 206-241-5533 to learn more!

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