Crowns and Fillings with NO Metal

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As time has gone on, people have developed allergies to metals. People with old fashioned crowns called PFM’s (porcelain fused to metal) that have been in service for many years suddenly have inflammed gum tissues. Replacing these restorations with metal free alternatives allows the tissues to return to normal, proving that the metal was a primary factor.

Mercury amalgam fillings in the past were the only choice when filling decayed cavities. With bonding technology developments, mercury amalgam fillings are no longer necesary, and composite resin fillings can be used.

Dr Timmerman replaces many mercury amalgam fillings but never places them. Some dentists offer both, but since Dr Timmerman would never place them in his daughter’s mouth, he feels that the same level of care should be given to his patients.

If you have metal restorations and would like an upgrade, or if you are facing treatment that includes metal restorations, call us today to find out your options!

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