Dental Implants are more affordable than dental bridges?

When Dr Timmerman tells people this, people are shocked.  They have always been told the opposite, that bridges are what most people get, implants are for the rich and famous. How can this be true?

There are two aspects to consider:

  • Longevity
  • 3rd party contribution

In a 30 year span, a dental bridge may need to be replaced 2 or 3 times (or more). If a cavity forms  on a tooth that is holding the bridge in place, the bridge must be replaced. Sometimes a bigger bridge is needed, as one of the supporting teeth must NOW be extracted, or is so weak from being worked on repeatedly so another tooth is used. The 3 tooth bridge is now 4 or 5.

In that same 30 year span, the implant likely has had no issues. Once placed, no more periodontal disease (gum disease), no cavities. Dental implants are among the longest lasting procedures in dentistry.

If dental insurance is a factor, there may be less out of pocket than a bridge. Consider a bridge that costs $3500, or an implant for $3500 (these fees are for illustration. OUR fees are WAY higher!)

If your annual benefit is $1000, there will be $2500 out of pocket for the bridge. With an implant, one could place the implant and use $1000 in one benefit plan period, then place the abutment and crown in the next benefit period and use another $1000, meaning there is only $1500 out of pocket for the implant service. When talking money, implants are MUCH more affordable.

When deciding on treatment, there are many things to consider. An informed decision helps avoid buyers remorse. If you would like to know more or discuss your treatment options, see our main site www.DrTimmerman.com or call us!

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