Dentist Near Renton

Dentist Near Renton

Many people seek a dentist near Renton. For the first seven years of Dr Timmerman’s career, his practice was in Renton, WA. He took over the practice of a dentist that had assumed the practice from his father, so there had been a 50 year tradition of dental care in Renton. As times changed, buildings aged, and Dr Timmerman’s commitment to technology (when it benefits patient care), Dr Timmerman found a new home in Tukwila.

A Renton Dentist Tradition

While the move was a mere 1.1 miles along Grady Way from Renton to Tukwila, it wasn’t without challenges. Renton traffic can be a challenge, so the dental office location in Tukwila was chosen to be as easy to navigate as possible. Dr Timmerman’s office shares a parking lot/bridge with Starfire sports complex, the fields that the Seattle Sounders are headquartered and train at. Dr Timmerman has even shared lunch with the team while they planned for upcoming matches (honestly, it is usually unintentional and accidental. He is just trying to get a quick bite, and the team just happens to be in the pizza joint!

Renton is right next door

Our Renton patients often find that our location is easier to get to than offices IN Renton. Exit #1 Southbound will drop you off right into our parking lot (go straight through the light, Fort Dent Way is right there at the light). Exit #1 Northbound is a different story, as it drops you off on Interurban next to the Hampton Inn hotel. From there you must turn left and go THROUGH the first stop light, and turn right on Fort Dent Way (the very next stop light). This light is the offramp from 405 exit #1 Southbound. If you live in Renton and are near an onramp to I-405, you might find that you can nearly FLY to our office with minimal delays!

Dentistry for the Entire Family

When choosing a dentist for your family, be sure to choose one that is convenient and can care for everyone. We pride ourselves in our ability to see everyone, young and old, for ALL of your dental needs.

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