Digital Teeth Impressions Cadent Itero

Dr Timmerman is always trying to serve his patients better.  As technology improves, he is always looking to add to his services.  Rarely is the decision based on making HIS job easier, but always if the technology benefits the patient.

One such advancement is iTero by Cadent.  This machine can take an impression of teeth WITHOUT the gooey stuff that runs down your throat!
The data is sent electronically to a lab and models are created.  These models are sent to another lab for fabrication of the crown or bridge.

The benefit is super accuracy…  The images produce models that are many times more accurate than impression materials (I could quote a stat, but it would be made up…!).  Routinely, the restorations simply drop in place with virtually ZERO adjustments.  With impression materials, it is common to adjust the contacts and the bite when cementing the final crown.  Never say never, but it is RARE to adjust a crown when iTero is used.
If you would like a restoration that is strong, beautiful and built to last, call us to learn more!

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