Esthetic Dentistry

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Dr Timmerman is asked all the time for cheap esthetic or cosmetic dentistry. Honestly, nobody wants this. Dr Timmerman wants to provide care that people want and are proud of, and people want care that warrants pride.

He often talks of the “3 E’s of Dentistry”. These are esthetic, economics and efficiency. You can have 2, but not all three. If you want them to be pretty and quick, they won’t be cheap. If you want them to be cheap and efficient, they won’t be pretty. If you want them to be pretty and cheap, they won’t be efficient (quick or convenient).

We ALL want our cake and to eat it too. Sometimes, cutting corners is not a good idea. Do you want cheap brain surgery? You might not like the outcome. Same with cosmetic dentistry.

Low fees come at a premium. What corners are being cut in order to save you money? Do you want veneers created in China, where we don’t really know what they are made from? There are many cases of materials made in Asia where the results are NOT what one would want. When it comes to one’s health, is that REALLY a wise thing?

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