How much do porcelain dental veneers cost?

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Porcelain veneers cost will vary from patient to patient. Dr Timmerman knows that everyone loves a beautiful smile. Popular shows like extreme makeover showcase how a nice smile can transform a person. People that work in sales report that their confidence increases and their sales improve. People in the dating scene share that prospects improve. Many people report that their self esteem increases. The value of a smile is personal and hard to measure.

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The short answer is “It depends”.

Veneers take time and have lab costs involved.  Less time and less lab means less fee.  A truly artistic dentist with a fantastic lab, displaying their care and skills, take more time and have a higher fee.  Materials used play a factor, as some veneers are made out of one material and yet other veneers are made from layering materials, creating works of art.

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Dr Timmerman likes to give people choices.  If someone simply wants a NICER smile, but not the BEST, there IS an option for them.  No-prep veneers that take no time at all to create will have a lower fee, but they will NOT look as nice as layered porcelain veneers that required some removal of tooth structure.

Some people ask how much per tooth, yet smile makeovers are not only a factor of teeth involved.  The fee to restore ONE tooth is not 1/10th of the fee to restore ten.  The case complexity and lab work involved to restore ten teeth is exponentially more than one.

Depending on budget, number of teeth involved, materials, goals and expectations, you should plan to spend between $4000 up to $30,000.

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