Is getting Botox from a dentist a good idea?

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Usually people ask this question with two main concerns: is it safe, and do dentists even know what they are doing?  If you don’t want to read on, the answer is yes.  To both.

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Dentists aren’t trained in dental school in the use of Botox.  At least not at the time of this writing, but things change.  It has STARTED to be part of the medical curriculum, but not all, and this means that older MD’s didn’t have it as part of THEIR training either.  If they are offering botox, they had to get training oustide of their schooling.

That is important to note, because that is the criticism given to dentists.  It wasn’t part of their program.  The reality is, very little of a modern practice is taught in dental school.  I know that I PERSONALLY do not do much of ANYTHING as I was taught in school.  My training taught me how to LEARN, and advance myself AFTER school.

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There are many ways a dentist can get trained in Botox and dermal fillers, starting with basic courses and advancing to advanced courses.  It is important to know, no matter WHO you choose for this service, how much and where they were trained.  Not all programs are the same or equal, but all have some qualities that are beneficial.

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Botox isn’t JUST for the vain.  There are many benefits that don’t “show”.  Most commonly is for TMJ issues and headaches, and who better to treat this situation than a dentist?

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