Lance Timmerman at a Fashion Show

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Recently, Seattle cosmetic dentist Lance Timmerman DMD and his beautiful wife Holly stepped out in their “Sunday best” and attended a fashion show at the Paramount Theater, “Seattle Rocks the Runway.” This was part of Seattle Style Week and was a fashion show designed to highlight local fashion.

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As a cosmetic dentist, doing smile makeovers for pageant contestants and fashion models is common. One of the few dentists TRAINED in cosmetics, his expertise has led to international demand for his skills (leading to a dental license in other states as well as Belgium and Dubai). For many years Dr Timmerman has donated time and money, judged, and participated in beauty pageants in various capacities but quite often these events were out of state or out of country. As time has gone on, more local charities and events have developed which has led to Dr Timmerman’s more local involvement. “These local events have become more frequent, “ says Dr Timmerman, “so much so that I even bought my own tuxedo for the first time! My wife tells me that I look very handsome in them, so any chance I get to “strut my stuff” with her, I am taking it!”

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With his new tuxedo, Dr Timmerman will become a local fixture at fundraisers and charitable events. Keep your eyes out for him and feel free to take a “selfie” for Facebook! He would love to pose with you.

If you would like more information on smile makeovers, fashion, charity donations or more, please call 206-241-5533.


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