Makkar Pure Power Mouthguard vs Under Armour

Since the New Orleans Saints won the Super Bowl, there has been a lot of attention to what many Saints players have been wearing, the PPM (now called the Makkar Advantage).  Some athletes have opted for a device pushed by UA with similar goals.

But what is the difference?
Both are designed to improve athletic performance, both with balance, range of motion and increase in force generation (bigger bench or longer drives off of the tee).

While I think it is great that UA is trying and agree with much of the research, consider this:

  • PPM is as thick as your body says it should be, while the UA device is uniformly 2-3mm thick
  • PPM has specific placement for the teeth, while UA has a smooth surface (no real “home” for the bite)
  • PPM can reposition the bite more forward for optimum balance, while UA allows the jaw to move around freely

Sophisticated equipment is used for the elite PPM bite, while UA is created arbitrarily
It all comes down to performance.  If one device works better for you, then THAT is what you should wear.  There is no right answer, so find out for yourself what works best.  Dr Timmerman can help.
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