Orthodontic Issues

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Braces and retainers can take a little getting used to, but you may end up suffering unnecessarily from discomfort that can be prevented. At the very least, understanding what is going on with your orthodontic treatment can help you to deal with it the right way.

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If you’ve gotten lax about wearing your retainer for some time, then putting it back in could be more than a little uncomfortable. This is because your teeth haven’t completely fused to their new positions and are still prone to moving around. If they have shifted out of place, even a little bit, then the retainer won’t exactly fit as it was made to.

Wearing your retainer anyway could actually encourage your teeth back into place. Don’t count on this, however. Your surest bet is to get back to your dentist to check the fit and see if just a little more orthodontic treatment will help get everything back on track.

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Any change in your treatment is going to result in some tenderness. This should only last for a few days, at most. Ask your dentist about effective OTC pain medications you can take to help reduce your discomfort. Additionally, eating cool foods and drinks can help numb your teeth, which are the source of the annoying ache.

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If you are sporting some fixed orthodontia like traditional braces, you may notice some gum inflammation around the brackets. Your gums may even bleed while brushing or flossing. This is not normal. When bacteria-filled dental plaque is left around your brackets too long, it increases your chances of gingivitis. Visit your dentist for a professional cleaning and to learn how you can adjust your oral hygiene techniques.

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If you develop any chafed and sore areas on your cheeks or lips from your orthodontic device, these spots should form calluses over time. To make the device more tolerable in the meantime, you can ask your dentist about special cushioning waxes and other products that are meant to protect your mouth from the sharp edges of braces and other orthodontic devices.

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If you are having issues with your orthodontic appliance, always feel free to call the office of Dr. Lance Timmerman to schedule an evaluation. In your case, a shorter length of time in braces may be ideal. Or better yet, you may choose to wear a clear, removable type of braces like Invisalign to avoid some of these everyday problems.

If so, you’ve got great options to choose from in the Seattle-based office of Dr. Lance Timmerman.

He can help you get your smile back on track if you’ve had a few teeth stray out of alignment since having full braces. Our practice also offers less-intensive cosmetic smile enhancement options such as Invisalign and fast-acting removable aligners. There is something for every orthodontic need at our office, so bring your questions and concerns about braces to Dr. Timmerman today.

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