Seattle Bioclear Method

Seattle Bioclear Method

Bioclear is not a product, but instead is a METHOD.  The Seattle Bioclear Method is popular due to the conservative approach to a smile makeover.  There are several factors when “fixing” a smile, including:

  • tooth color
  • tooth shape

Porcelain veneers are a great way to achieve this goal, but the fee may exceed their budget or the desire to be more conservative may prevent them from selecting this solution.

Bioclear Method

The treatment can be done “a la carte” or part of an overall plan.  A la carte means simply that the material is adhered to the teeth in the desired shape and the current color.  This is common when fixing a broken or decayed tooth.

Seattle ABB with the Bioclear Method

Sometimes we go “one step beyond” and do what is called “Align, Bleach, Bioclear”.  In this more complete treatment, we:

  • Align the teeth (braces, Inman Aligner, Six month Smiles, or Invisalign)
  • Bleach the teeth
  • Bioclear Method

Crooked teeth are not healthy.  They are hard to keep clean and can lead to periodontal disease or decay.  Line them up, then get them the desired color.  We suggest the KöR method to get them as white as possible.  Finish off with the Bioclear Method!

Bioclear Method for Broken Teeth

Without the bioclear method, broken or decayed teeth are often restored in a way that traps food or is not as esthetic.  While it may sound like “not a big deal”, patients are often frustrated with repeatedly repairing repairs that don’t last.  Done well and done right, these restorations last a very long time.

In some cases, numbing is not needed.  While there is contouring and polishing, if the nerves are not involved, we can skip the traditional needle and go directly to restoring.  However, some patients simply need a little “something something” to merely handle the visit.  We have modern materials and methods that make this aspect very comfortable.

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