Seattle Denture Implants

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Dental implants have helped many people regain their confidence and health. Being able to chew food properly has many health benefits. People with dentures often are self conscious about them, fearing that they will come loose during a social function or speaking engagement.

Implants for denture stabilization are different than implants for replacing a missing tooth.  They are a bit smaller in size and are designed to help stabilize a denture, not support a denture.  They passively assist the denture, but patients report that their denture feels “solid” or “locked in”.

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Dr Lance Timmerman DMD, a Seattle implant dentist, uses software from Nobel Biocare, NobelClinician, to be certain that when he places dental implants they are precisely where they need to be.

Precision is VERY important with dental implants.  If the dental implant is in the wrong place, there is a risk that they won’t osseointegrate (fuse to the bone), sever the nerve, fall out or be impossible to restore.  With CAD/CAM precision, dental implants can be exactly where they need to be.

Since Dr Timmerman is also a restorative dentist you can be sure that he can actually place a crown or denture on the implants.  The same cannot always be said when another doctor places the implants, as many surgeons are only concerned with getting the implant into the bone and are not giving thought to the final restoration.

If you would like dental implants and want to be sure of the most precise placement, call Dr  Lance Timmerman DMD for a consultation.  He is a leading Seattle implant dentist!  206-241-5533.

If you would like to know more about implants to stabilize your existing denture or implants to stabilize your future denture, call us today!

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