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Dr Timmerman has found that many people don’t know that cosmetic dentistry (and many modern aspects of dentistry) simply isn’t taught in dental school.  ANY dental school.  And what exactly IS a cosmetic dentist.

Unfortunately, since cosmetic dentistry is NOT a specialty in dentistry, each dentist gets to interpret what it means.  Many consider simply doing tooth colored fillings as cosmetic, therefore they are cosmetic dentists.  If their crown is NOT solid gold and is tooth colored, they consider themselves cosmetic dentists.

This can be confusing to patients.  Many simply want a great smile makeover and want their dentist to do a great job.  But CAN he?  Does he have the training and experience to deliver what they desire?  Many dentists, when put in this spot, simply “prep and pray”, meaning they work on the teeth and hope the lab gives them something nice.

Dr Timmerman wanted to offer more.  Knowing that his dental school education did not train sufficiently in cosmetics (and he went to OHSU, one of the top dental schools in the nation), he went to the Las Vegas Institute for Advanced Dental Education.  The training there allowed him to learn how to give the very best in dental care, and not ONLY in cosmetics.

LVI trains dentists to diagnose and treat many things, including:

TMJ disorders

Dental Implants

Porcelain veneer smile makeovers

Full mouth reconstruction

Neuromuscular dentistry

Sedation dentistry

Sleep disorder dentistry

LVI continues to offer dental education to meet the changing needs.  LVI is the most comprehensive and up to date institute.

If your dentist is not an LVI dentist, why not?

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