Seattle Root Canal Therapy

Seattle Root Canal Therapy

There are many methods to treat a dead or dying tooth with root canal therapy. Some methods are not as efficient as others and often leave significant post operative discomfort or low success rates. Dr Timmerman only uses the most modern methods, which come with greater comfort and greater success rates.

Rotary root canal Instrumentation

Traditional (meaning old fashioned) methods use finger instruments to clean and shape the canal system. While this is shown to work, it is much more difficult and time consuming. Materials are certainly cheaper, but Dr Timmerman feels his patients are worth the added expense. Rotary instruments are a little louder, but allow greater efficiency and precision. The result: CLEANER TEETH!

Antibacterial Irrigation

The main reason for pain with an infected tooth is “bugs” or bacteria. Traditional methods use a single irrigant to flush the canals. Dr Timmerman uses a combination of irrigants, which act on different types of bacteria and cleans the tooth structure better. With properly cleaned canals (via rotary instruments) the irrigants work tremendously better. The result of properly cleaned and irrigated canals: NO PAIN.

Sealed Canals

Just because the tooth is properly cleaned and shaped doesn’t mean it will remain this way. Hollowed out teeth need to be sealed to prevent reinfection. Modern sealers are better than traditional sealers in many ways, mostly in durability. They do not wash away. Dr Timmerman uses sealers that also make the teeth stronger, which is important since the tooth is weaker due to being hollowed out.

Shopping around

In the modern era, it is common for patients to “shop around” and find “the right dentist”. What does that mean? It is very difficult for a patient to understand the differences from office to office, knowing if they are getting the best service, the cheapest or simply closest to home. Only the patient can decide what is most important to them, but if you want the most value, consider calling Seattle root canal therapy dentist Dr Timmerman in Tukwila at (206) 241-5533.

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