Six Month Smiles Reviews: What You Should Know

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The wonderful world of the Internet can teach you many things. If you know how to do your research, you can find a lot of very helpful information – including finding the best dental or orthodontic provider.

It’s natural to want to do a little research on a dental procedure before you accept treatment. As a highly experienced Six Month Smiles provider, Dr. Lance Timmerman wants you to be aware of a few things as you sift through the mass of conflicting reports.

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One individual could respond very well to Six Month Smiles, while another could see no change at all. No two situations are the same, nor is it fair to expect the same results of everyone. Someone may have had a bad experience and chosen to share that with the online community. It could be that they didn’t follow up correctly with their care, saw an inexperienced provider, or went to a discount office. Another may have an exceptional textbook turnout and they may rave about that on a similar online forum. It’s important to not base your expectations on the results that others have had.

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Just as every patient is different, so each doctor is as well. Six Month Smiles is a laboratory-designed process that any dentist could potentially offer in his or her practice. What makes the difference is the skill level and experience of that certain practitioner.

Which would you rather rely on, the reviews of people who’ve seen dozens of DIFFERENT dentists? Or the first-hand testimonials of one source so that you can see for yourself how many successful cases come out of a single office?

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Some may argue that it isn’t safe to move teeth within about six month’s time. The fact is that this is a cosmetic procedure. Six Month Smiles does not claim to fix serious bite problems, such as crossbites or jaw discrepancies. It aims to align your anterior “smile zone” teeth where you’d like them to stay. These few teeth are moved at a gentle rate so as to not damage them. When the procedure is performed by a skilled and detail-oriented dentist like Dr. Timmerman, you don’t need to worry about a thing.

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Your local Seattle Six Month Smiles dentist is going to be your best source of reliable information. As the area’s most experienced cosmetic dental provider, Dr. Timmerman can answer any and all questions you may have concerning the procedure. He will share with you exactly what his success rate is with any procedure and will show you before-after pictures of patients who have experienced the treatment.

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At the end of the day, it’s up to you to form your own opinion of any dental procedure. In giving Six Month Smiles a try, you may be surprised by just how precise, gentle, and effective it is. You just need to be sure you’re getting the expert touch when you try it out. Dr. Lance Timmerman has that expertise. Schedule a consultation today and make Dr. Timmerman’s Tukwila office your go-to for cosmetic dental needs.

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