Vitamin K2: How It Impacts Jawbone Density & Oral Health

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When it comes to maintaining excellent oral health, having a well-balanced diet plays a key role. For example, consuming foods and beverages that contain phosphorus, calcium, and vitamin D is an important part of keeping your teeth healthy and strong. There is also research that suggests that vitamin K2 is beneficial to your oral health and can be particularly beneficial to your jawbone. Read on to learn how vitamin K2 can help you maintain jawbone density.

What Is Vitamin K2?

Discovered in 1929, vitamin K is an essential nutrient for blood clotting, which stops bleeding by plugging the injured blood vessels. A dentist named Dr. Weston Price found that diets high in an unidentified nutrient appeared to be providing patients with extra protection against tooth decay in the early 20th century. He referred to this nutrient as “activator X,” which is believed to be what we now know as vitamin K2.

How Vitamin K2 Impacts Your Oral Health

Now that we’ve established that vitamin K2 is thought to protect against tooth decay, how exactly does it do this? Though there is no research specifically done on whether this vitamin supports jawbone density, its effects are thought to benefit otherwise healthy postmenopausal women with weak bones. Vitamin K2 is also believed to decrease the risk of hip fractures.

Though teeth aren’t technically bones, the benefits of K2 in other parts of the body suggest that it could also be helpful in maintaining a healthy smile. One theory suggests that K2 activates a protein that helps with the remineralization of teeth. This vitamin may help prevent tooth decay by strengthening one’s teeth if this theory is found to be correct.

Are You Getting Enough Vitamin K2?

Though K2 can do a lot of good for your body, jawbone density, and smile, many people don’t get enough of it in their diets. One reason for this may be because many of the foods that contain K2 aren’t all that common. Even so, it’s important to make sure your intake of vitamin K2 is high enough so you can maintain a healthy jawbone. There are several foods you can eat to get enough of this vitamin, including:

  • Egg yolks
  • Grass-fed butter
  • Chicken
  • Sauerkraut
  • Fatty fish like salmon
  • Hard cheeses
  • Beef
  • Organ meat like liver
  • Pork

As you can see, getting plenty of vitamin K2 is a key part of maintaining good jawbone density as well as a healthy smile. Though researchers have yet to discover exactly why this is, eating the above foods will help you avoid oral health issues and keep your smile looking lovely!

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