We aren’t ALL evil…..

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Let me say from the start: I don’t hunt.  I think it is rarely necessary, it may have ecological benefits, but generally I am against it.  I am well fed without it.

But let’s face it. MOST people are great, some are not.  Most DENTISTS are great, some are not.  Recently, a sport hunter paid a large fee to hunt game in Africa. He happened to kill a famous lion. He also happened to be a dentist.

Why mention his career?

If he was a plumber, would the news have mentioned that? If he was a supermarket manager, would they share that? How does his career relate to anything at all?

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I think it is horrible that someone would trophy hunt a lion, or ANY game. I think punishment should be rendered as appropriate, and it appears that the hunt was SUPPOSED to be legal, but may not have actually been on the up and up. But the punishment should fit the crime.

have you SEEN what is happening? I don’t think he will practice again, at least not soon. So his entire family will be punished, his staff and THEIR families will be punished.


It appears from the news that people are deciding that dentists make too much. I suppose when people read that if one can afford $50,000 to hunt a lion then the leap is he makes too much money. People afford what they value. Some value exotic cars, some exotic vacations. Some save for a long time to do what they do.

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It also perpetuates a thought that dentists enjoy pain, that they don’t see enough blood each day.

May be.

I will also say that all dentist that I know try to make the dental experience as pleasant as possible and as affordable as possible. Pleasant is not always a good description, but not for lack of trying.

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Sometimes people wait too long to seek dental care. When pain is the signal to see a dentist, it may be too late to control the pain. This pain is not the dentist’s fault (it is usually yours) but the dentist gets associated with the pain. I don’t think that’s fair.

It will be interesting to see how this all plays out. I hope this person isn’t destroyed by this, but I also hope my profession isn’t thrown under the bus at the same time.

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