Why You Should Think Twice Before Picking a “Cheap” Orthodontist

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Dentistry is all the same, no matter where you go.

Do you believe that statement? Probably not.

How about this one: You get what you pay for.

Most people would quickly agree that not all dentists are the same. In all reality, the same is true of orthodontic treatment. You may personally have had some tragic experiences in dental offices. There’s no need to put yourself through that again when you are considering some cosmetic tooth straightening. Consider carefully the following reasons why you shouldn’t agree to orthodontic treatment with a practice based upon the “right” price alone.

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The fact is that orthodontics are not cheap and should not be. Whether you opt for braces or some other means of adjusting your smile, the process is meticulous and case-sensitive. How so? No two people’s mouths are exactly the same. It takes a good deal of careful planning and regular adjustments to encourage wayward teeth into their natural places. You just can’t skimp on a single step of this process, so this does invoke considerable cost. “Cheap” orthodontics brings the quality of the work into question.

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It is definitely worth investing in orthodontic work when you consider the future payouts. Having straighter teeth generally means improved dental health because they are easier to clean and protect. An investment made today could mean thousands saved down the road.

If done improperly the first time, braces could cause even more damage than before. This means that you’re looking at even more time and money to correct the problem. Getting your teeth straightened the right way the first time is always the preferable route.

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When an orthodontic office tries to sell you on a “great” deal, what impression do you get of how they view their work? Are they taking seriously their responsibility towards your dental health and esthetic priorities? Or do they treat orthodontics as an unnecessary add-on, the fries to your meal, if you will? As mentioned earlier, a cheaper price likely means that the office is slacking off in some detail of the delicate process of meeting your orthodontic needs. Be wary of such a compromise.

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Simply because an office may charge what you feel is steep for orthodontics, don’t quickly rule it out as a money-focused machine. An office with higher costs actually respects your right to choose the best treatment for you and your needs. That way you can get it right the first time.

At the office of Dr. Lance Timmerman, you won’t have cosmetic orthodontic treatment options withheld from you. Some offices may be shy about recommending treatment because they are afraid to tell you the price. A top-of-the-line office with only the best to offer in skills, experience, and technology knows that you deserve the best. Find out for yourself by contacting us today.

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